Soothing Blend for Rest & Sleep



Quiet your mind and soothe your body with the naturally sweet taste of calming chamomile, comforting linden blossom, grounding passionflower and nourishing jujube seed. Contains 12 individual sachets. Find serenity from within.

Linden Flower - soothes a frazzled and irritable spirit
Jujube Seed - encourages deep tranquility and rest
Passion Flower - supports an occasionally worried mind
Chamomile - calms the mind and body
Lemon Verbena - enhances taste and calms the mind
Peppermint - refreshes and clears the mind
Rose Petals - supports and soothes the heart
Licorice Root - provides natural sweetness
Orange Blossom - uplifts mood and promotes joy

Steep for 5 to 7 minutes in 8 oz of boiling water and enjoy. 

- Organic
- Herbalist Formulated
- Whole Botanicals
- No Artificial Ingredients
- Caffeine Free
- Non-GMO
- Gluten Free
- Vegan
- Adaptogenic blend*

*Plant extracts that help the body’s ability to resist the effects of mental, physical and emotional stress and promote balance.

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