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Winter Tool Kit

Our care package provides an experience of well-being, magic, and beauty to upgrade your day, every day. Our signature care package includes:

- 1 tin of Immunity One
A nine herb tea blend designed to support your immune system.

- 1 tin of Sweet Clarity
Bring an energy moving and naturally nootropic** enhancement into each day with this herbalist formulated adaptogenic* botanical blend.

- 1 tin of Citrus Ginger Green
A refreshing blend of organic Chun Mee green tea, or it’s literal translation- precious eyebrow- with ginger, orange and peach.

- 1 tin of Ginseng Lemongrass
Boost your brain function with Ginseng and St. John's Wort, as well as your immune system and metabolism. 

Treat yourself or spoil a friend with the gift of outrageously delicious functional teas and classic teas made for a dysfunctional world.

Our care package provides an experience of well-being, magic, and beauty to upgrade your day, every day. Our signature care package includes:

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How to Brew

Take a moment to enjoy

House of Waris - Winter Tool Kit How To Brew Icon

Steep for 5 to 7 minutes in 8 oz of boiling water and enjoy.

About House of Waris

We’ve sourced incredible organic teas from estates around the world - from the foothills of the Himalayas to the valleys of Fujian, and now, finally we’re thrilled to be able to share them with you.

It is my belief that we are tied together in a timeless practice that connects mankind with each other, with the earth, and with the great unknown, that creative spark, that lives within each of us. We are committed to working with you to re-imagine how we think about wellbeing in a non-stop bustling metropolis life.

Faithfully yours,


Heal Thyself.
Love Thyself.

Wellness as celebration.

House of Waris - Winter Tool Kit About House of Waris

For over a decade, HOUSE of WARIS has captivated its audience with an escape from the ordinary. Described by the New York Times as a “modern day Marco Polo”, Waris Ahluwalia has travelled far and wide in search of cultural treasures, rare crafts and experiences to share with friends. These adventures, across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, have given him a deeper insight and appreciation for artisanship, meditation and a purposeful approach to living.

Whether on the other side of the world or in his own backyard, Waris comes across people hungering for time, space and meaning in their lives... Waris soon discovered the answer that was in his cupboard. Tea, the most popular beverage in the world, is an age-old remedy for personal and social wellbeing. Through tea, we mark time, create stories, and, most of all, discover connection. For centuries past and those yet to come, tea inspires reverence, artistry and social unity. Today, it is a rare oasis in a world of noise and distraction.

Waris has traveled the world of tea, in search of the best, letting the healing power of plants guide us on this exploration. As with everything we do, we hold fast to the idea of considered consumption and infuse this sense of social resposibility and care into our daily practices. Our teas and herbs, hand picked from exceptional estates, are organic - which means they’re good for you and good for the planet.

HOUSE of WARIS invites you to sit down with a cupful and allow yourself a moment to pause, to breathe, to dream—to discover a more thoughtful way of living.

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