Fine Oils by In Fiore for House of Waris

San Francisco, USA 

In Fiore debuted in 1999 as the very first luxury beauty care line blended only with pure oils and the finest floral absolutes. Celebrating the elemental appeal of raw florals and herbs, fashion veteran Julie Elliott established In Fiore to promote the centuries-old wisdom surrounding their dramatic health benefits.

Night Queen is a flowering shrub with intoxicating blossoms reminiscent of the scent of Jasmine. The blossoms are not typically cultivated due to their so scent, so seductive and narcotic that they attract too many cobras. This rare essence is so exquisite that it seduces men and cobras. 

Queen Rose Attar is an authentic, traditional rose attar from India. Roses are placed in copper distilling vessels where they sit in heated water. Vapors pass over into receiving vessel containing sandalwood oil, which absorbs the rose essence over a period of several days. Traditional attars are the true gems of the perfumes from the Persian estates and Mughal era. They speak a fragrant language, which is exquisitely profound because they resonate without any need for recourse or spoken word and links the individual with a devotional attitude, which encompasses millions of souls both past and present. In Fiore created two handcrafted customized fine oils with hand sewn black leather envelope pouch.

6.25” x 5.5” x 2”



$ 375.00

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Fine Oils by In Fiore for House of Waris