HOUSE of WARIS is a celebration of craftsmanship and the artisan. Our aim is to engage our audience to expect and demand a more thoughtful way of living. This devotion to craft is a chance to bring a tradition into the modern age. A chance for beauty to survive in what has increasingly become a cold and homogeneous world. It is my belief that true craftsmanship endures beyond the past and todays fleeting trends, it is a timeless practice that connects mankind with each other, with the earth, and with the great unknown - that creative spark - that lives within each of us. 

It's not just aesthetics and objects we come across when we seek out craftsmanship - it is humanity. The essence of my work revolves around the human touch. That is why I hold craftsmanship so dear- it is the last bastion of hope for humanity, in a world that is so disconnected.


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