Throughout history, scarves have been coveted as works of art and heirlooms passed down for generations. They are collectors’ items, both functional and beautiful; they keep us warm, and they adorn us. As with our jewelry we work with the most skilled craftsmen and use the finest materials.


As always, my aim is to create something that is at once new and rooted firmly in history. Our scarves are all made by hand, using traditional techniques. We travel the world to find the best artisans and work with them to create our pieces. I am proud to present HOUSE of WARIS Scarves. Each one is a labor of love, each one is a work of art uniquely its own.


-Waris Ahluwalia


The Fall/Winter 2011 season marked the launch of the inaugural HOUSE of WARIS scarf collection. All of the scarves are handmade and showcase a range of intricate techniques – hand embroidery on cashmere, batik and hand dying on silk, screen and block printing on cotton silk. The HOUSE of WARIS scarves are exclusively available at My Theresa... 


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