High up in the hills of Kashmir, framed by the snowy peaks and sapphire skies of the mighty Himalayas, lives a special king of goat tended by semi-nomadic herders living today in the traditional lifestyle of past generations. It is here, from this remote region of the world, that I have traveled, to bring you the finest cashmere shawls.

Long recognized as heirlooms and honored as symbols of prestige, our shawls are worn exclusively from the extraordinary undercoat of had, the “pashm” of the Kashmiri goat. Only at elevations of fourteen thousand feet above sea level, where high winds and extreme temperatures reign, do these long, luxurious, soft underbelly hairs develop, and only these unique hairs are used to create this special and exquisite cashmere fabric.

After hand weaving each shawl, our artisans, using time honored traditions, devote many weeks to embroider our exclusive designs onto these beautiful one of a kind pieces, making each one a work of art and a piece of clothing to be worn and treasured for decades.

Faithfully yours,


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