Dinner Club

Over the years, at House of Waris, we’ve worked across the globe, partnering with independent artisans, wildlife organizations, filmmakers, water conservationists, musicians, social justice activists, actors, public art advocates - all in an attempt to always engage our friends to expect and demand a more thoughtful way of living. We live, work and build within a community of thinkers and doers.
For the last three years, we have been in the lab- quietly working away to expand and examine this idea of what thoughtful living means in our world. Occasionally gathering people for tea parties, cooking lessons, and experimental Tea Labs in far flung locations as Turkey and Thailand. As we continue this process, and with our community in mind, we now embark on a much more local initiative. An invitation only dinner series that explores the healing powers of whole food, plant based nutrition. 
To guide us through these dinner series, we’ve brought onto the team Chef Tara Norvell, trained in London, worked as sous chef at Roberta’s, ran her own restaurant- Okonomi, built pop-ups, and is equal parts chef and socially-minded pioneer. Together with our mixologist, we bring to you a thoughtful dining experience. We are committed to re-imagining how we think about wellbeing in a non-stop bustling metropolis life.

$ 120.00

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Dinner Club