Organic Breakfast

Breakfast is full-bodied, robust, rich and blended black tea traditionally intended to go well with milk and sugar. Our breakfast tea is a combination of Assam and Nilgiri. 

India's Assam region is the largest tea-growing region in the world, lying on either side of the great Brahmaputra River, bordering Bangladesh and Myanmar. The rainy, tropical climate produces a tea known for its bold and malty characteristics. Nilgiri, translates to Blue Mountains, is the name given to a range of mountains spread across the borders among the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. Grown in the hills of the Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, this is a dark, intensely aromatic, and fragrant tea. The vast majority of production is undertaken by small growers, who typically own less than one hectare each. 

$ 24.00

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