Organic Green

Jasmine tea started its journey to become the most famous scented tea in the world during China’s Ming dynasty (1368-1644), as part of the dynasty’s obsession with anything floral. The surviving relics of the time showcase intricate floral patterns and references in everything from porcelain, paintings, embroidery, décor and literature. Not surprisingly, beautiful blossoms such as

chrysanthemum, osmanthus, orchid and jasmine also made their way into food and tea during this period.
This intoxicating jasmine became one of the first flavored teas exported out of China on trade ships headed West during the late 1800s. The world soon fell in love with jasmine’s perfumed aroma and delicate flavor and has been craving the glorious blossom ever since.

From the Jiangxi province in China, our tea starts with a basic green tea which has been infused with jasmine blossoms. The tea is spread out in a thin layer over which is placed a muslin cloth over which are sprinkled jasmine
flowers. These flowers bloom at night. In the morning, the flowers are removed and the lingering fragrance of the jasmine remains in the leaf. This jasmine green tea has been infused with jasmine many times over to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Our traditionally scented jasmine tea is prized for its sweetness, barely perfumed fragrance, and delicately achieved flavor balance between the floral blossoms and the delicate tea leaves. Great care and skill goes into producing this traditional jasmine tea. The brewed tea is a pale golden yellow liquor with a floral, sweet, fresh, dewy, delicate and subtle, grassy green tea finish.

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Organic Green