Organic White Tea

In ancient times, poets referred to these teas as ‘white like the clouds, pure like the snow, and as aromatic as an orchid”. White tea originates from the Chinese imperial dynasties as early as the 600s. It was considered a tribute given to the emperor- made from the youngest, newest and most delicate buds from the finest tea plants. Delicate. Rare. Beautiful aromas.

Pai Mu Tan is made from the picking of one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves. It comes from the Jiangxi province in China, featuring mountainous terrain and large forest coverage which makes it one of the more wild places of central China.
It is variously known as Bai Mu Dan or White Peony. Brewed Pai mu Tan has a clear bright apricot color, with a natural lightly floral fragrance, and a flavor which is very refreshing. It has layers of mellow and earthy flavors with highlights of a lightly sweet delicate and smooth floral tone. Although there are no actual peonies in White Peony white tea, it does have a slightly floral finish and aroma that lends an interesting note to its more earthy flavors.

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Organic White Tea