Digital Dinner Club No. 5

Our ongoing pursuit of celebrating wellness and community is relevant now more than ever as we pause and reflect on our here and now.

Please join us on Tuesday, May 19th at 6PM EST for Digital Dinner Club No. 5 with Danny Bowien (@dannybowienchinesefood) of Mission Chinese Food  (@missionchinesefood)!

Spring Greens steamed in tea Love Conquers All milk


+ 3 cups jasmine rice
+ 4 1/2 cups water
+ 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved
+ 1 tbsp. sea salt
+ 1 sachet of Love Conquers All 

+ Rinse rice until water runs clear
+ Combine halved cherry tomatoes and salt, set aside
+ Combine rice and water in pot, bring water to full boil
+ Cut 1 sachet of tea open and sprinkle on rice
+ Add salted cherry tomatoes
+ Cover and reduce to low heat
+ Steam for 15 minutes


+ 2 cups soy milk, or other nut milk
+ 2 sachets Love Conquers All

+ Bring 2 cups of soy milk to a simmer in a pot
+ Add 2 sachets of Love Conquers All 
+ Steep for 10 minutes

+ 3 bunches swiss chard
+ 3 cloves garlic
+ Dried chili to taste
+ Amino acids to taste
+ Cumin seeds to taste
+ 1 cup walnuts, crushed
+ Herbs for garnish (suggest purple basil & soft apple mint)

+ Remove chard stems from leaves. Slice stem, tear leaves
+ Slice garlic cloves in half lengthwise
+ Add garlic, dried chili, and olive oil in a pan and bring to a simmer
+ Add chard stems followed by chard leaves
+ Stir fry until leaves are wilted, adding amino acids, salt, cumin, and pepper to taste
+ Add steeped milk tea to greens
+ Plate greens and garnish with crushed walnuts and torn herbs
+ Enjoy with rice 

About Danny Bowien

Danny Bowien is an award winning chef and founder of Mission Chinese Food. Bowien was born in South Korea and adopted by an American family in Oklahoma City. At 19 he moved to San Francisco, where he attended culinary school and worked in several restaurants including Farina and Blowfish Sushi. After tasting Sichuan food for the first time at San Francisco's Spices II, he began experimenting with Chinese flavors. Bowien partnered with Anthony Myint on a series of food truck pop-ups including Mission Street Food and Mission Burger. In search of something more permanent, Bowien & Myint started Mission Chinese Food as the first restaurant-within-a-restaurant pop-up. The Mission Chinese Food pop-up, an immediate success, was named the second Best New Restaurant in America by Bon Appetit Magazine and fourth Best New Restaurant in America by GQ Magazine. Bowien was nominated in 2011 for Rising Star Chef by the San Francisco Chronicle. In 2012 he was a James Beard Award Finalist and later went on to be awarded “Rising Star Chef” of 2013. He was included in Food and Wine Magazine’s 40 Big Thinkers under 40, and San Francisco Chronicle’s Bay Area 30 under 30.

After leaving San Francisco in 2012 Bowien opened a standalone Mission Chinese Food in New York City’s Lower East Side. The east coast location, featuring the chef’s signature spice infused dishes immediately drew insatiable crowds and cemented Bowien as a cult fixture of culinary devotion. Bowien is known for being a populist, making food that is accessible to everyone. His work in the kitchen is notable for pioneering the elevation of Chinese food and breaking down barriers in an industry known for its strict eurocentric hierarchy. While he does not aim to replicate authentic Chinese food, a meal at one of his restaurants is an undeniably original experience. In 2017, Bowien was the subject of the sixth season of the popular food and travel show The Mind of a Chef.