Digital Dinner Club No. 6

Our ongoing pursuit of celebrating wellness and community is relevant now more than ever as we pause and reflect on our here and now.

Waris went live on Instagram (@houseofwaris) with chef Rōze Traore (@rozetraore) on Thursday, July 16th at 6:00PM EST for our sixth Digital Dinner Club. 

This Digital Dinner Club had an exciting new component - you were able to order an Ingredient Box from Farm to People, which included all of the ingredients in the recipe for you to follow along with Waris on this delicious adventure. 

Tea Glazed Grilled Peach Salad with Demi Sec Tomatoes and Lemon Vin

A note from Chef  Rōze on the recipe: 
This is a dish that I haven't demonstrated live and is new to my recipe index. Although it might sound simple, the components will provide a challenge. Just to name a few steps, we will make our own lemon oil, which we will then use for the vinaigrette. We will also be making some demi sec tomatoes along with the construction of the glaze and grilling of the peaches. 
This is the perfect season for grilling and fresh peaches so it's sure to please!

+ 3 Yellow Peaches
+ 1 pint Cherry Tomatoes
+ 1 bunch Arugula 
+ 1 Lemon
+ 1 Ginger
+ Sunflower Oil 
+ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
+ 1 tbsp Sweet White Miso 
+ Honey Sesame Roasted Cashews 

Prep Work:
+ Preheat your oven to 300 degrees. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half, then place on a sheet tray with olive oil and salt. Slow roast them in the oven at 300 degrees for 30 minutes.
+ Slice 3 peaches.

For the Lemon Vinaigrette:
+ Create a 1 to1 ratio of lemon juice and sunflower oil.
+ Whisk until emulsified and incorporate salt to taste.
+ Finish the vinaigrette with a tsp of grated ginger.

For the Peach Miso Glaze:
+ Use 1 tbsp miso paste, 4 tbsp steeped Citrus Ginger Green Tea water.
+ Combine all ingredients by whisking in a small saucepan and bring to a low simmer then place it to the side.

+ Next, place your sliced peaches on the grill or grill pan and cook until there are grill marks on both sides of the fruit; then brush the peaches with the miso glaze and relocate them to a platter with a paper towel for absorbing the excess sauce.
+ Chop and toast your cashews with some olive oil in a pan if you wish to add them to your salad or you can buy them toasted.
+ Once the demi sec tomatoes and peaches are cool, incorporate with your beautiful salad of arugula, vinaigrette and cashews.